2024: The Year of Stabilizing the Boat for Developers

Meet Brian Walter, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fairbridge Asset Management
December 12, 2023
Row of colorful, red, yellow, blue, white, green painted residential townhouses, homes, houses with brick patio gardens in summer
The Old Adage, “Real Estate is Local,” Has Never Been More True
February 22, 2024

Brian T. Walter

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

John C. Lettera, ESQ.

Co-Founder | Partner

Steven J. Wissak

Co-Founder | Partner

Anthony C. Balbo, ESQ.


Sasha Sparacino


Michelle Iaccarino


Jeffrey Keith

Managing Director | Director of Business Development

Amanda Esteve


Alexis DiGirolamo

In-House Counsel

Max Kingman

Financial Analyst

Biagio Maffettone

Managing Director

Harley J. Frank

Managing Director | Business Development

Amanda Esteves

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Dustin Hart

Rob Rynarzewski

Managing Director