Our Partners Have been Serving Borrowers, Brokers & Investors Since 1995

Fairbridge Asset Management partners have spent the better part of three decades providing asset-backed loan products to real estate developers and owners.

Through an innovative suite of creative financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum, we originate loans and invest in debt securities collateralized by high-quality properties. Further, we offer in-house legal expertise to identify and mitigate issues that would normally delay the closing process.

With 100+ years of combined experience in real estate investment, finance and law, our principals have built a practice that stands apart from other bridge lenders. We combine strong personal relationships with focused loan products that connect our valued clients with precise solutions. Many of our clients are long-term, repeat borrowers who consistently turn to Fairbridge when it’s time to take the next step.

Mirror Build

Fairbridge Asset Management is also a trusted platform for accredited investors seeking to broaden their portfolio with risk-adjusted returns. As experienced asset managers, our objective is to identify viable transactions with responsible borrowers, protect our downside risk, and generate superior returns for our investors. To date, we have originated more than $4 billion in high-quality loans.

About Our Company

Fairbridge Asset Management is a trusted platform for accredited investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with an asset class that has historically delivered consistent, uncorrelated, risk-adjusted returns. Through a suite of innovative financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum, Fairbridge originates direct loans and invests in debt securities secured by attractive real estate collateral.

With 100+ years of combined experience in real estate and finance, the Fairbridge team built our practice on strong investor relationships and customized financing solutions for real estate owners and developers. Many of our clients are long-term, repeat borrowers who consistently rely on our backing when it’s time to take the next step.

The Fairbridge Philosophy


Consistent Performance

Even in low-yield economic cycles, Fairbridge works to identify strong opportunities. Consistent, risk-mitigated returns are a hallmark of our investment philosophy.


Strategic Specialization

Fairbridge pursues highly selective, asset-based lending opportunities, closing on only 5-7% of deals reviewed. This discipline has helped us historically provide stable, consistent returns with strong capital preservation.


Active Participation

We do more than lend money. Our experienced, knowledgeable and deeply funded team is always interested in taking on an active role in well-structured opportunities.

Our Core Values


Investors and developers can always count on Fairbridge Asset Management to meet and exceed their expectations.


We hold the principles of openness, communication and accountability at our core, and never make promises we cannot meet.


With creative, deep, problem-solving capabilities and strategies for most every challenge, and a network to help execute, we’re your go-to partner.


Adaptable solutions that anticipate market turns and roadblocks helps us maintain consistent returns in every economic climate.

Corporate Leadership

John Lettera, Esq. Partner

John Lettera is a proud veteran of the US Marines and the founder of Fairbridge Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC (“Fairbridge Asset Management LLC”). In his role as Partner, he is responsible for all debt originations and is a member of the firm’s Credit Committee. Mr. Lettera has more than 20 years of legal experience and has spent more than 25 years in real estate debt originations, acquisitions and equity investing. He also founded and managed two successful real estate finance funds that together invested in excess of $100 million.

Brian Walter Partner

Brian Walter is the Managing Partner of Fairbridge. He is responsible for Portfolio Management, Finance, and Operations and is a member of the Credit Committee. He previously served as Chief Investment Officer for the Tannenbaum Family Office LLC, where he analyzed and invested in multiple asset classes, including private equity, real estate, real estate debt, credit, preferred stock, equity, structured products, tax liens and litigation claims. Prior to the family office, Mr. Walter was Managing Director, Head of Institutional Products at Fifth Street Asset Management – a $5 billion public asset manager.

Steve Wissak, Esq. Partner

As the Head of Underwriting & Asset Management, Steve Wissak focuses on alternative lending and bridge financing for real estate-secured deals. He is also a member of the Credit Committee and brings more than three decades of experience in real estate. Prior to Fairbridge, Mr. Wissak was a principal in several real estate companies that acquired multifamily apartment buildings in the New York City area. He was also instrumental in the rehabilitation of nearly 5,000 workforce housing units across the region.

Anthony Balbo, Esq. Partner

Anthony Balbo is Fairbridge’s Director & Head of Secondary, where he is responsible for all secondary business. Mr. Balbo has been in the real estate industry for more than 13 years. As Director of Operations for a New York-based real estate investment company, he oversaw the commercial leasing, financing and day-to-day operations of a portfolio of properties that included office space, warehousing, mixed-use buildings and residential units. During his tenure, he helped close numerous portfolio-backed loans.

Why Choose

Speed & Convenience

We offer our borrowers an accelerated processing and certain execution, with deals that close in as little as 15 days.

Real Flexibility

Unlike traditional lenders with strict underwriting requirements, we have two priorities: the property and the borrower.

Industry Expertise

As seasoned property investors and lenders, we structure our loans around the unique needs of real estate borrowers.