Our Mission

Superior Structuring Opportunities

Our Vision

To provide an institutional approach to the portion of the real estate finance market that is too small for larger, multi-billion-dollar asset management companies to focus on. Due to the extremely fragmented nature of this smaller investment size segment of the market, we feel it provides superior structuring opportunities and higher yield for commensurate risk, leading to better investment returns.

Our Mission


Because we know investing and borrowing in the private markets can be opaque and complex, we aim to provide a high level of transparency and communication throughout the entire process.


Once you have decided the type of investment or financing to pursue, the team you choose to entrust with your capital or funding is equally as important. We strive to provide the highest level of integrity in everything we do.


Every team member at Fairbridge is committed to providing a standard of excellence in their daily work. Quality and accountability are core values that help drive us to be better every day. We take very seriously the trust you place in us.


We value long-term relationships and strive to be more than just an investment vehicle or lender to our investors and borrowers. Investor testimonials and repeat borrowers are our proudest achievements, as they show we have met and exceeded expectations.

At Fairbridge, we are committed to transparency, integrity, excellence, and relationships in our pursuit to provide financing solutions to the real estate industry and to help solve the current housing shortage that exists today in the United States.