Closed End Fund


Fairbridge Strategic Capital Funding LLC (the “Fund”) is a closed-end fund meaning it has a maturity. The Fund matures in November 2028. The fund is for Accredited Investors only. Investors will be able to invest in this type of structure when we launch our next closed-end fund in the future. When investing in a closed-end fund, capital commitments are drawn down over time as the portfolio is invested in newly originated loans.

Fairbridge Strategic Capital Funding LLC aims to produce consistent, risk-adjusted returns that are largely uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. The Fund originates and manages a diversified portfolio of loans secured mostly by a first-lien on underlying real estate collateral. The loans are typically 12-36 months and borrowers are usually real estate developers or real estate investors. Proceeds are used for acquisition, refinancing, repositioning, and construction of primarily residential housing assets. The loans are made to an LLC and are non-owner occupied.

Through our loan strategy, we are providing financing to top-tier operators and developers to create, improve, and preserve affordable workforce housing while actively helping our sponsors to scale their businesses and to make a meaningful impact in their communities by helping to solve the shortage of reasonably priced housing in the U.S.

The Fund has a capital partner who provides 90% of the financing on a senior basis and investors are invested in the 10% “first-loss” tranche. Future closed-end funds may or may not utilize leverage like this fund.

Key Fund Facts

(Accredited investors only)

  • Defined lock-up period for all new investors through November 2028

  • New vintage of loans

  • Option to receive or reinvest quarterly distribution

  • All investors in Fund through maturity

  • Ramp period for Fund as new loans are closed

Fund Highlights

  • Thorough underwriting process that targets attractive loan-to-values secured by mostly residential collateral. 
  • Primarily lending to proven, successful operators with high credit scores, ample liquidity, and personal guarantees.
  • Focus on repeat borrowers
  • Institutional fee structure with strong alignment of incentives
  • Portfolio diversification

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