Comprehensive Real Estate Financing Solutions

Big city big town

Commercial Bridge Loans

Quickly purchase or refinance a property to take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity or to bridge a transition to conventional financing.

  • Loan: $250,000-$50,000,000

  • Rate: Starting at 9%

  • Term: 12-36 months

Investment Property Term Loans

Long-term financing for experienced real estate developers, with up to 80% leverage on the appraised value of the property being secured.

  • Loan: $100,000-$3,500,000

  • Rate: Starting at 6.99%

  • Term: 30 years

Сonstruction and builders

Fix & Flip

Designed for the experienced redeveloper of residential properties, with up to 80% leverage on purchase price and up to 100% of renovation costs.

  • Loan: $100,000-$3,500,000

  • Rate: Starting at 8.99%

  • Term: 12-24 months

Invest in Asset-Backed

Fairbridge Asset Management offers high-net-worth individuals, family offices and other qualified investors an alternative investment platform. Through a disciplined investment philosophy, we find and leverage asset-based opportunities – even in low-yield economic cycles – in order to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns.

Earn Commissions
for Brokering Loans

As a business built on relationships, we offer attractive commissions to brokers who bring us requests for flexible, competitive and timely commercial real estate financing. If you’re interested in working with Fairbridge, follow the link below to learn more.